The Gurukula System

In ancient Indian times, the tradition was for yoga students to live, work, and study with their teachers. This is the Gurukula system. Guru means teacher and master. Kula means home. Yoga students were treated as a part of a family. In addition to daily lessons in yogic theories they were taught the practical aspects of yoga, asanas, pranayama, kriyas, karma yoga, bhakti yoga, yoga philosophy, and yoga wisdom. The students were asked to do chores around the house and provide selfless services to others.

Zen Den Yoga School YTTC (Yoga Teacher Training Course) is designed to follow this ancient model. You will have an opportunity to live, study, and work with your teacher(s) and fellow students in the Home of Zen Den Yoga School, here in USA or abroad. It has five Modules.

One-month intensive Yoga Teacher Training Course

(YTTC: RYT-200)) or Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course (AYTTC: RYT-500). This includes four weeks intensive training at a chosen site (Israel, Eqypt, Guatemala, China, Japan, Nicaragua, Peru, Bolivia, Samoa, Argentina, United States, and other places around the world).

Yoga Teacher Training

Self-Paced Correspondence YTTC or AYTTC

Aspirants who wish to study on their own pace will spend most of study time on their own. But they must attend yoga classes and/or participate in yoga teacher training workshops and/or yoga retreats offered by SchoolYoga Institute to gain direct experience. This module is flexible and individualized. Completion of the program is determined by the accumulation of satisfactory hours for either YRT 200 level or RYT 500 level.

Yoga Teacher Training

Five-month Yoga Teacher Training Course

(YTTC: RYT-200). This includes one semester, meeting one day a week, a couple of 2-day intensive workshops, and a five-day graduation yoga retreat at the end. It starts in February every year.