"A friend of mine referred me to Zen Den Yoga School. These classes have helped me find my peace. After taking many of Ira's classes, I was able to learn how to focus and most of all let go of my stress. I was never really a big yoga person, but now I have converted and it feels amazing."

Emily Mann

"Amazing class. The restorative class is the most popular (and I can tell); well of course, after a hard day of work we need to be restored physical and mentally!"

Edely Mussa D'E

"I took the Zen Den Yoga Teacher Training in August 2014 and since I´m from Germany I had to stay at the beautiful Yoga House for the whole month. I have to admit: it was the best time I ever had. Was it challenging? Totally! Was it worth it? More than that! It was an awesome experience, I met great people there, the energy was unbelievable and I´m still thinking back on the time I had there! I´m grateful I took the chance and the challenge to fulfill my dream which I am now working with everyday!! Get your Yoga on, it´s totally worth it!! Namste!!"

Nadine Lauterbach

"The Zen Den Yoga School teacher training program was great. I´m practicing everything what I learned, and my students are really happy. Ira is very good teacher, and he knows all the things related with the program that he offers. It is a very good choice to become a yoga teacher. The price is good and the yoga house has everything to make the study time very nice! I highly recommend it. Dhi"

Diana Fernandez DE Cordova

"Teacher training experience at this studio has been a very interesting journey! Joe'class is great . Everybody at the studio shares an amazing energy and I look forward to come back every week . Thank you Ira"

Maylin Ramirez

I was not convinced i was ready or even wanted to do yoga teacher training. I did not think i would be the right fit or have the ability and wasn,t planning on teaching afterwards. Just having the experience to improve my personal practice would be enough. Now at the end of the month I have changed in a way I wasn't expecting.Starting with Val and Ira and the other twelve people in my class, they shared and opened up with so much trust,love,and respect that is hard to find. This was an intense month with many ups and downs but the environment at Zen Den is contagious and everyone is so positive and supportive. After the first few days we all felt like family. This was much more than what i was expecting. I did not just enhance my knowledge of postures, and sanskrit, but really learned a lot about the mind, body and spirit yoga truly is. I am leaving with more confidence and with the desire to teach and share. This desire was not here before. This was a life changing experience and I am so grateful and feel so privileged to know the beautiful people here and to have so many memories. Namaste

Alex Bourguignon
200hr Ytt Aug.2016

Zen Den Yoga School has bee a very unique and unforgettable experience for me.

Coming from England and living a single life for many years, I thought it might be challenging to live in a house with 7 others: however, I haved loved every moment of sharing, what i have become to consider, a home.

The deep and close connection during the yoga practice, meditations and workshops have lifted my spirits and I surprised myself when I took the plunge to ride a bike for the first time in forty years! This was very empowering and i intend to continue to do this when i return to the UK

I sum the experience up as a journey, within a journey.

Thank you Val and Ira

Gaynor Atkins
200 Hr Ytt August2016

Transforming, enlightening-mind/body/spirit connection, finding the soul self. I enjoyed the teaching/experience/hospitality. The retreat center and studio are super cute! Great environment! Met so many amzing people and felt like a little family here. Unity LOVE helpful tools taught to cope w/ mental/ physical/ emotional pain - lots of releases through energy work/ shamanic breath/ and asana practice. Teaching Vinyasa to the class, i felt confident and supported. Instructed well! Continued my journey into the self. Lovely experience this yoga teacher training. Fun and lighthearted!

Christina Hurta
200 Hr Ytt

Thank you for your hospitality! I felt welcomed and very happy. Congrats on what you are doing. You'll are amazing.

Daniela Romero Montes
Retreat Guest
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Zen den yoga school
Zen den yoga school
Zen den yoga school
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