VALERIE LEEDS is a dynamic wellness entrepreneur teaching people to access their best selves in mind, body and spirit for over 25 years. Valerie is Certified as a Bodywork & Energy Therapist, Dr. Sears Nutritional Health Coach, and ERYT500hr. Co-owner and facilitator of Zen Den Yoga School & Wellness Retreat with her husband, Ira, in Boca Raton, Florida, they guide guests in “disconnecting to reconnect.” Valerie has carefully cultivated a set of tools based on the premise that human potential is limited by our belief systems. She brings a fresh look at how your mind and consciousness can be adapted on a moment-to-moment basis to live life in greater mastery, and she teaches how to deepen our connection to what she calls our “internal barometer.” 


Giving the students and retreat guests an opportunity to understand how managing our mindsets can be life altering. Val is typically teaching meditation, yoga, pranayama classes, or doing life and health coaching with the guests.

Certain times of the month you can catch one of her Language of Energy Classes or Nutrition Classes with the yoga training students. If you are lucky to book far enough in advance, she will share her “healthy eating always a real treat” cooking class with you; and /or an Energy Therapy Clearing and Coaching one-on-one session, which is designed to facilitate greater freedom in your life by clearing energy blocks you can access your natural talents, abilities, and flow state.

H.E.A.R.T. Healthy Eating Always a Real Treat

Want to maintain the joy of eating and get healthy at the same time?

Having trouble knowing what to eat and how to shop with all the news on GMO’s and dieting trends?

Overwhelmed by fussy family members, or think you lack time to prepare nutrient dense whole food meals?

If you are suffering from toxin overload and nutritional deficiency it impacts your hormones, blood sugar, you may hold onto extra weight, and it can cause increasing pain levels throughout your body. Toxins and nutrition plays a crucial role in your energy, mood, and sex drive…learn how to detox and get those hormones back into alignment!

Valerie Leeds developed a Wellness & Food Program called H.E.A.R.T. “Healthy Eating Always a Real Treat” designed to help you improve your eating and well-being. Through a personal consultation and a fun interactive cooking class, Valerie guides you out of overwhelm, into knowing how to shop with ease, prepare and enjoy healthy food, and best of all feel good again!