Sacred Dance: The Freedom & Self Expression


Freedom to Fly

Freedom to be in flow and allow your body and mind to let go

Our spirit takes control and guides us through the unknown

Past and present collide

Releasing old energetic ties

Futures fades no more

As animated bodies electrify the dance floor

Grounding into earth mother’s womb

Our fears she lovingly consumes

Sending us flying

Higher higher

Into the abyss of ether’s gentle geyser

Get Down With Dance Awakening

Sacred Dance, Ecstatic Dance, Conscious Dance, Spirit Dance, or whatever title you want you to call this nameless formless sense of higher self expression is what all the yogis are talking about. It’s funny how the universe works, once you go to one ecstasy driven event, your realm begins to widen. Revealing to you so many other movement based meditation celebrations that are simultaneously happening all around you. With ecstatic dance ceremonies we are waking our bodies up and into the physical presence of maneuvering through life released from fear, anxiety, hurt, and pain. With each fluid limb to limb expression our bodies open up to the healing energy that source, love,and consciousness gifts us with in every moment. Being apart of a group ceremony/ dance awakening allows each individual participant to come together, honing into the oneness that doesn’t define, categorize, and compartmentalize. This oneness is us; is existence, and there has never been a better time for moving and shaking with consciousness than right now.

The Power of Letting go

Yoga is now. Your path is constantly growing and evolving, just as you do, in every present possible way. Being clear in your intention and letting go of any expectation allows a participant to sink deep and ascend into the truly healing nature of free flowing energetic release. This non-judgemental, safely guided, indivisibly connecting meditation truly welcomes and invites all the healing to take place a participant is willing to undergo. If anywhere a Sacred Dance Ceremony is where you want to allow yourself to be free. Being free from all that we hold on to every day. Our social, work, and family rolls, a lifetime of expectations, responsibility, insecurities, sexual pain, physical and emotional trauma, abuse, disease do not make us who we are. When we remove the lens of pain and suffering we can then begin to see and experience all that we truly are. Within the arena of Sacred Dance, your soul being infinite entity is in a space where it can finally let it’s hair down!! This is ultimate time for cosmic play and relaxation… the biggest avenues of healing, might I add. Care for yourself enough to not care about looking like a fool for a hour or two, you’ll be surprised at how well you do. What have you got to lose?

Self Expansion through Self Expression

Everything in life is a choice. We can choose to weigh ourselves down with things that no longer serve our highest good and fullest expression as we live out a singular human existence on this beautiful physical plane. Or, we can choose to rise against the energetic weight of all things that used to be or should be or could have been. Learning how to honor our bodies and be present for this one go around has true value, and profound wisdom. Simply be. There is much freedom in the message of Self Expression. Allow yourself the space to share exactly all that you are in every waking moment.

What a gift to step into your personal power, your divine self, and alas open your eyes to move and bind and See

With clear eyes, like it were your first time

The light and life you are sharing with all these other god bodies

Dancing and twirling around.

What an honor to feel so safe and secure in your god presence to shine

and humbly see the light through a fellow lovers eye.

All You’ve Got to Gain

This entry has been inspired by my spirit dance experiences, now connected to yours. Love yourself enough to realize you can and will always be this free. I would like to take a moment to send some love and gratitude to Inhale Miami, an incredible Yoga Studio that plays a big part in our local celebrations of Conscious Living, Eric Guru Lu, and Jordan, for the best Shamonic Tonic, and Cacao Earth Medicine around. Thank you all for providing your gifts and creating spaces and potions that remind so many that they are Love. If you’re reading this, go check them out!! Seriously, connecting with spirits of peace is such a powerful tool to harness as you continue on your path. Think about all you’ve got to gain from creating a little wiggle room amidst your everyday norm. Thanks for stopping by! We’ll see you next week, different time, same platform.

Be in love with all that you be

Ohm Shanti Shanti Shanti !!


Katrina Munchez