Journey Through the Great Detox & Beyond


I have acne. It gets deeper than that. I have inflammation in my gut that causes inflammation in my skin. This inflammation is caused by eating a low variety diet of foods with large protein molecules that are hard for GI receptors to break down. I have leaky gut. I have acne. This is my detox story.

Stepping Into Health Conscious Living

I had recently partaken in a Kinesiology test, where I found the food groups that made my body most sensitive. Being that Val is a Co-Owner, and Facilitator of Zen Den Yoga School and Retreats, she uses her years of extensive knowledge within the health and wellness field to best support guests as Nutritional/ Wellness Coach of Zen Den Yoga School & Retreats. To best prepare me for this new phase of clearer health Conscious living, she had me monitor what and when I regularly eat and drink for about a week.

My journaling highlighted three noticeable trends:
1. I wasn’t getting enough water.
2. There was little diversity with the foods I was eating.
3. My meal times were inconsistent and often far apart.

By simply writing down and reviewing my eating behaviors helped to give me a deeper understanding of my relationship with my body. It helped me to see why after waiting so long to eat my body would instantly crave sugars. Likewise, the more consistent I was with intaking water and meals, the less cravings I had. I even began to notice appetite changes in the environments I was in. Going to the comfort of my parents house, or out to eat with friends, played a factor in preparing my willpower for what lie ahead.

The week that followed, I was given the opportunity to test run being a vegan for a week, eliminating all animal proteins, dairy products, gluten, and specifically for me, I had to kiss beans, and legumes goodbye given my present lectin sensitivity.

Releasing Emotional Drama with Food Medicine

After harnessing all my Vegan and Gluten Free strength, my body was ready properly prepared for a 8 Day Liver Support & Wellness Detox. Thankfully, I had a little detox support system, involving me and two others guests on their personal health journeys. Every morning after meditation we would go through the joys of juicing our beets, carrots, and celery drink, composting their waste, and preparing our special energizing alkaline herbal spiced water. We lived in this rhythmic intake cycle for 4 days. Scrubbing vegetables,washing the Breville Juicer, and taking our nutraceuticals became a new meditation.

I was truly surprised to notice that my body didn’t feel hungry, and I had a tremendous amount of energy for those first four days. Then Day Five hit. I was the only left in the support group juicing, as the other guests had gotten their Quick Reset Detoxes and left. Day Five was when all the emotions hit. All week I had been feeling super active, and energized. Taking plant food concentrate capsules, kidney and liver herbal supplements, and Spirulina capsules with my meals, I was feeling like a champ. I was doing yoga, paddle boarding, skating, running, and then Day Five was just a completely different vibe.

There were new recipes for every juice drink meal and somehow in the midsts of it all, I became overwhelmed. They say it's natural, but when you’re going through it, nothing feels right about anything. I gained a really important piece of insight about myself that day, “ Asking for help makes me feel better.” There truly is no reason to suffer in silence. Reaching out for support and clarity is exactly what I have to do in order recenter into my peace.Thankfully, I remembered that Val and Ira were always apart of the Detox support group, as they helped me reground, and see the drama I was causing myself revolved around food.

Learning to Embrace Food

After I had that clearing, the last two days were filled with excitement. I knew that in a measly 48 more hours I would be eating again with a healthier outlook. I spent an entire day reading and researching about lectins, glycemic indexes, and of course recipes that fell in line with my personal health goals. I discovered Dosha Tests, which are kind of like food belly personality traits on digestion, and the ever fun and exciting process of colon health and wellness by receiving a colonic too. Honestly I learned some pretty interesting shit while juice fasting.

My first morsel of morning excitement was absolute heaven. Slow textured moosh of avocado flesh. My chews transitioned me into my first food fueled meal. One delightful avocado half. It was as if, for the first time, I was mindfully eating. I was taking smaller bites so as to fully be aware of the flavors and feel of how this substance touched my aura. The entire chewing process was more slow, truly I was giving myself the space in order to enjoy the meal. Avocado, such simple goodness, thank you for being my first treat.

Being back in the masticating world, brought up a new wave of awareness of emotions attached to eating that I ceremoniously needed to put to bed. Detoxing allowed me to see what I truly want, and am working towards with my relationship to food. Detoxing really provides an outlet of ownership over the behaviors you choose when it comes to nutrition. Food is fuel. Give yourself the love you need to honor and support your existence by learning how to create healthy food behaviors for Your Life Now!

P.S. My skin was super clear while detoxing, and remains to stay at bay given the health conscious dietary changes I am making to best support my gut health!

Enjoy life one bite at a time,
Katrina Munchez