How Do You Know You're Living In Balance?


This is a great question for all the yogis thinking by simply taking some yoga classes or starting to meditate that everything will miraculously fall into place. As far as most of us know, a yogi lifestyle gives you access to being pretty spiritual, and this is a good thing. Meditating each day, and twisting our bodies into all kinds of demonstrations of enviable feats of flexibility means that you've achieved this status. That's all partially true. These things certainly influence you in a positive way, however, true growth and balance is not achieved without cultivating some consciousness around your day to day choices.

What does it actually feel like living in balance? Really the true test of how you're doing is what you take with you off the mat. What this means yogis, is for you to delve deeper into examining how your day to day life is going. Are you taking your peace and serenity from your fabulous bind in parivritta-trikonasana with you to work? Can you jump back into the bliss from 2 rounds of 30 second holds in Kapalabhati Pranayama breathing that you did this morning in the moments your significant other triggers you, or when your child keeps pushing your buttons? These are the moments of daily frustrations of Maya, our illusory world of reality with a small 'r' that we journey through in wonderful contrast to our inner world of sanctity, which I refer to as Reality with a big 'R,' our REAL REAL world.

All useful questioning about cultivating the elusive enlightenment of equanimity. This is when we get to examine whether we are actually walking our talk. It's great to muse that maybe your chakras are a little out of balance, go drink some kombucha, attend all the cacao ceremonies you can, and then blame Mercury being in retrograde. But sincerely, when does the grace start?

One way it starts is with practicing ahimsa [non-violence]. Ahimsa in thoughts and deeds. In the home. In your workplace. With your loved ones. And especially with yourself. We know that our thoughts become our reality, and we can create our reality. I like what Lao Tsu says, "Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny."

Become aware and in touch with your grace. Watch what ways you can cultivate loving kindness, compassion, and gratitude off the mat. Take notice that what you choose to do and how you choose to be, in times where you feel challenged can truly influence your moment to moment flow into a state of balance each day.

Namaste, Val