This is a great question for all the yogis thinking by simply taking some yoga classes or starting to meditate that everything will miraculously fall into place. As far as most of us know, a yogi lifestyle gives you access to being pretty spiritual, and this is a good thing. Meditating each day, and twisting our bodies into all kinds of demonstrations of enviable feats of flexibility means that you've achieved this status. That's all partially true. These things certainly influence you in a positive way, however, true growth and balance is not achieved without cultivating some consciousness around your day to day choices.

What does it actually feel like living in balance? Really the true te...

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temp-post-imageYou’ve heard kale is “super food” good for you…right? If you haven’t heard this and tried it by now, I’ll tell you straight up, it’s true! I had never even experienced it in a salad until recent years when the raw foodies started popularizing it. Mostly I’d eaten it as my mom’s delicious kale and potato soup, which is one fabulous option for another post. However, in recent years, I’ve discovered that kale has many uses and it is eaten in countries across the globe, even as long ago as Greek and Roman times. There’s two types, Tuscan kale (or dinosaur kale) which has more long bluish-green leaves, and the borecole variety has...

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