Zen Restorative Yoga Workshop


Learn the deep knowledge of restorative yoga. This restorative course will give you the knowledge and experience to conduct a safe and enjoyable restorative yoga flow. Through the time spent with the facilitators, you will learn the dynamics, history, and philosophy of restorative yoga. You will cover the foundation of restorative yoga, which will give you a clear understanding of the basic science, the general application of, and general alignment within, restorative poses. You will gain an understanding of the the subtle energy body and how it supports you in restorative poses.

You will come to understand the deep transformation of restorative yoga through personal experience, lecture, interactive discussion, and practice of the asanas with props.





  •  Basic science of the relaxation response theory 
  • Foundations of the nervous system and subtle body 
  •  The neurological, physical, physiological and energetic benefits of restorative yoga. 
  •  Use of basic props 
  •  Building a restorative practise, attuning the body, breath and mind.  






  •  Training Manual / Curriculum 
  •  Certificate of Completion Zen Den Yoga School Restorative Yoga Workshop is recognized as a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) Receive 10 Continuing Education Contact Hours (CEUS) towards Yoga Alliance Requirements. 
  •  12 Continuing Education Contact Hours (CEUS) towards Yoga Alliance can be applied for Registered Yoga Teachers. 
  •  A 10 hour restorative yoga workshop can also be added in conjunction with this yin yoga workshop. 



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 The investment for the course is $175