Hi Zen Den readers! This is Christina here, I've come to join the Zen Den Team and I'd like to introduce myself. My conscious yogic path started 4 years ago, in 2013. I was sitting in the doctors office and my doctor tells me, you need to start doing yoga and meditation if you would like to become a person again. Interesting, I thought to myself. I better try that then. Growing up I was a spiritual kid, without knowing it. I prayed, saw energy, played with energy fields and trusted the universe. I can remember being 11, 12, years old and already then having the urge to do yoga. My mom and I decided to do it together, but it turns out, that was not what our karma was planning for us, so we never did get around to doing it back then. We talked about it now and again, but as you know, talking is one thing and taking action is another. The years passed, and along side school I lost track of my spirituality and got more wrapped up in achieving, proving my self worth and making sure everyone else was doing well.

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